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…Of Tennis, that is.

Both me and my friend HM are massive, massive fans of the Legendary Serena Williams, so for her birthday last October, I decided to make her a cross-stitch version of Serena. 

But wait, how did I come up with this idea? 

I got inspired by Serena’s 8bit-esque profile photo on Twitter, and decided it’s easy enough to make into a cross-stitch pattern with the help of good old graphing paper and colored pens:

Here’s what my DIY pattern looks like. I only used the thread colors I already had in my stash, btw.

I foolishly attempted to finish this in one sitting, but neck and eye strains thwarted that. Signs of aging? Yikes! Anyway, it took me three nights to completely finish the project, and here it is in its full glory:

This baby is now proudly displayed in my friend’s flat. Here’s hoping 2017 brings Queen Serena more titles and Grand Slams!