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​I do love me some alliterations.

Without further ado, here’s the backlog lineup of gifts/presents I have done and given away of late (and beyond):

These ones were for the birthday of one my bestest friends, HM. (These were from October of last year. Yikes!) She’s not really a “yellow person”; I just thought I’d change up the color combination of her presents a bit. I did still incorporate touches of black and pink in them through the ribbons, feathers and the mini sequined hats.

One of my bestest friends, MC, came home last April from Paris with her husband and my goddaughter for their annual holidays, and these were their “Welcome Back!”, “Belated Merry Christmas!” (For the three of them) as well as “Belated Happy Birthday!” (For MC) gifts.

Oh, and I’ve just realized that the small silver box with the red ribbon, black mini sequined hat and fluffy white pompom accents was a belated birthday gift for one of my other friends, also with the initials MC (so let’s call her MC2 from now on).

This was for the birthday of my friend N. I found this pretty, damask-esque print wrapping paper randomly at a neighborhood store and thought the style and the colors suited her personality well. It took me quite a while to properly find the combination of materials to accent it with, but the final product turned out quite stylish, if I do say so myself. I shared a pic of this on Twitter and it got plenty of compliments there, too!

It’s nearly the end of the year, but I still have several birthdays of friends to go to; hopefully this time around it won’t take me months before I can upload the photos of their gifts!