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(*Okay, not really–but one can dream!)

Right, my sincere apologies for not updating this blog in months (I kind of blame Take That–how can I possibly top that post-concert blog entry, right?). However, the “radio silence” doesn’t mean that I have not been crafting all those months.

The short of the long is that I opened a design-related link on Twitter which led me to another site which featured pixellated/8bit-ish iterations of superheroes and comic book characters. I took one look and thought, “Hey, that could be translated into cross stitch!”

I chose Captain America because I know someone who loves the character, and whose birthday was coming up. A few hours and a trip to a local bookstore to find a suitable frame later, here’s what me and my insomniac self produced:

Isn’t this just so cute?!

The frame I used is a 2R one, which is around 8.5 x 11 cm. You can use an even smaller frame, stick this into a thick folded board paper as a greeting card cover or make this into a luggage tag or a keychain.

After my friend HK saw this on Instagram, she requested one for her boyfriend, who’s also a massive Captain America fan; of course I was happy to oblige! There now exists two very happy (Mini Cross-Stitched) Captain America fans in my circle!