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The Cross-Stitching Inner Grandma in me has returned and this time, with F1 on her mind.

Sebastian Vettel (currently with Scuderia Ferrari) and Nico Hulkenberg (currently with Sahara Force India) are two of the German F1 drivers I like most after Michael Schumacher, and so I’ve decided to celebrate their general racing awesomeness by making a crafting project inspired by them.

Materials: Cream-coloured cross-stitch cloth (leftover from my previous bagtag project); red, yellow, black, orange, gold, grey and light grey cross-stitch threads; cross-stitch needle; regular sewing needle; red and grey felt fabric; graphing paper; pencil; coloured pens; soft plastic ID cases; metal binder rings; belt-like bracelets.

Before anything else, the geek in me insisted that I carefully make patterns in order to have a clear idea on what the designs will look like, so I unearthed graphing paper from the depths of my office supplies stash and grabbed a pencil and a few coloured pens and started drawing away.

These are what I came up with:

hulk pattern

Pattern for the Hulkenberg Cross-Stitch.

Pattern for the Vettel Cross-Stitch.

Pattern for the Vettel Cross-Stitch.

The helmet patterns (and Hulkenberg’s logo) were pretty easy to draw, what I had quite a difficulty drawing was Vettel’s logo. I had to use a bit of math know-how (hello, Geometry!) to figure out the best way to depict it via cross-stitch!

logo patterns



I still had some leftover cross-stitch cloths that I cut into 2.5 x 4.0 inches from my previous bagtag project, so I decided to use them for this project as well to keep the guesswork out of sizing. Time to stitch!

cloth measurements

After finishing the helmets and the logos, I took the red and grey felt fabrics and secured them to the backs by doing a simple running stitch. Make sure to switch to a regular sewing needle when working with the felt fabrics as the cross-stitch needle isn’t sharp enough to penetrate them.

hulk back

seb back

And here are the multi-purpose finished products!

As Bookmarks: Use them as they are.

hulk bookmark

seb bookmark

As Pop Art: Display them as they are or frame them

hulk pop art

seb pop art


hulk and seb pop art


As Keychains: I simply bought soft plastic ID cases, placed the cross-stitch works inside, and then attached a metal binder ring and the black-and-gold/red belt-like bracelet. Alternatively, you can also use a ribbon of your choice, a thin rope or a metal carabiner.

hulk keychain

seb keychain

hulk and seb keychains


As Bag Tags: Same with the keychains, except I inserted a card at the back where you can write your personal details such as name, address, email, etc.

hulk bagtag1

hulk closeup

seb bagtag1

seb closeup

seb and hulk bagtags

hulk seb bagtag back

seb hulk bagtag back



There you have it, four different uses out of two cross-stitch works. Mini in sizes but maxi in function!



Update: I held a giveaway via my Twitter page for these, and I’m pleased to report that the Vettel one is now with a fan in Quezon City, Philippines and the Hulkenberg one is now with a fan in Boston, USA! 🙂