There are very few times in life when I am rendered speechless, but sometimes my artist side takes over from my writer side and prefers to express my feelings of appreciation through art.

Last 2013, I was cleaning my room when I chanced upon some art materials—specifically some watercolor paper and watercolor pencils—that I haven’t used in quite some time. A Eureka Moment happened right then and there as I remembered that five of my beloved childhood friends would be celebrating their birthdays from February-April: Why not paint them mini watercolor portraits as part of their birthday presents?

2013-02-08 17.28.29-1

It took me around four or five hours in total to finish all 5 paintings. I then purchased 2”x3” photo frames in their favorite colors to encase them.

2013-02-08 17.35.58-1

These paintings may not do their true beauties justice 100%, but I’d say they’re a pretty decent effort. And besides, it’s the thought that counts, right?

2013-02-08 17.47.54-1

P.S. This sounds a bit vain, but yes, I did sign the portraits. Rule for fellow artists: Always sign your works! You never know when they’ll become valuable works of art!