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My friend HM is a huge Tennis fan, so for her birthday last year, my presents for her came in strong, Tennis themes:

2014-06-21 13.44.09

2014-06-21 13.59.18-1

This present is actually Serena Williams’ autobiography, On The Line. One of HM’s fave color is pink, so I used Japanese paper to wrap the book and then took a scrap green felt fabric and drew the outline of a tennis court on it with a white permanent marker. To make it even more tennis-y, I dug around in my “Stickers Reservoir” and found some neon green round label stickers which easily became tennis balls once I drew the lines on them with a silver permanent marker, and then arranged them in a heart pattern and tied everything together with a satin silver bow.


Her other present contains several stuff related to her fave male tennis player, Roger Federer. I found this cute plastic tennis ball keychain that opens up to hold a disposable plastic poncho in a pharmacy, and I just had to snap it up to use as an accent for the wrapping. I got rid of the poncho and placed the RF stickers inside the ball instead. I used a neon yellow Japanese paper to wrap the box, topped it with a silver Japanese paper and tied it all together with neon pink, silver and white ribbons.

The two presents weren’t wrapped alike but their color schemes and theme still coordinated. Can I get a Grand Slam high-five for my efforts?