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Confession: I started this Hello Kitty cross-stitch project when I was 13 years old. Yes, you read that right, 13. Laziness and Life both got in the way and it got confined to my Caboodle “Cross Stitch Paraphernalia Holdall” unfinished. Fast-forward 17 years later, I opened my Caboodle and found this. Coincidentally, my friend HK were to celebrate her big 30th Birthday a month later, and she is a huge Hello Kitty fan like me so…Lightbulb/Eureka Moment: Why don’t I finish just the Hello Kitty figure, cut it off and use it to decorate her birthday present?!



And so with the determination of multiple Herculeses, I used my insomnia to my advantage and quickly finished the project. I cut off the Hello Kitty figure, found some yellow felt fabric in my crafting stash and used it as a backing material (so she wouldn’t see how messy the reverse side of my cross-stitch project is. Ha!). Sheer black polka-dot ribbon layered with a satin white one and cherry red Japanese paper wrapping complete the whole look.

Here’s to landmark birthdays and projects that prove the saying, “better late than never!”