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The “Lego” versions of Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen and Mercedes GP Michael Schumacher have been two of the most popular posts on both of my blogs, and this is actually quite a long-overdue project as I’ve received several requests for it a long time ago. Well, I am to please, so I’ve decided to finally give it a go:

Project Materials:

-Lego (or a cheaper version of the brand) figure of a race car driver

-Black felt-tip marker (paint marker, if available)

-Red and black fine-tipped markers

-Gold super fine-tipped marker

-Yellow tape

-Red tape

-Printable sticker paper


  • Take the figure and remove the helmet, head, hands and arms first.


  • Start painting the whole body with the black marker. Let the first coat dry for 15 minutes and then do a second coat.
  • Take the hands and start painting them with the red fine-tip marker. Set aside and let dry.
  • Take the helmet and start carefully drawing in the intricate details of Kimi’s helmet with the red, black and gold markers. Make sure to let it dry completely to avoid smudging.
  • For the racesuit details such as the sponsor logos, you may: a) choose to individually draw them in the sticker paper, or b) use the computer to download images of the logos from the web, scale them to size and then print them using the sticker paper. Position them on to the body and carefully stick them on.
  • Use the yellow and red tapes to add more details to the racesuit.
  • Carefully assemble the figure, and admire your work.

I’m pleased to share with everyone the Lotus GP version of “Lego” Kimi Raikkonen: