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My friend MCD recently celebrated a “landmark birthday”, and one of the many things that I admire about her is her subtle, but unwavering faith. And so when I saw this metal artwork “Faith” in a local shop, it became my primary inspiration (& 1 of my presents) for her birthday gift-wrapping design.

“Faith” originally came in a simple matte black finish, and while I can appreciate its industrial appeal, I decided it will suit MCD’s personality more if I gave it a matte gold finish instead. I only used a felt-tip gold paint marker to cover the entire metalwork, and left it to dry for 24hours.

As for the rest of the wrapping, I used a recycled gift box, a light green (her fave color) Japanese paper, a white paper doily, small pink feathers, some foam stickers shaped like clouds and a thin gold ribbon to achieve my “golden-hearted girl next door-but not overly frilly” design concept.