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It was the year 2006. There was this young German driver named Sebastian Vettel who was then BMW-Sauber’s Friday Practice Driver in Formula One. He was still racing in the junior series but for some reason, his moxie and driving style caught my eye and I thought to myself, “This kid is going to be a future World Champion.” And it’s not just because he is nicknamed Baby Schumi, mind. Six years later, he is not just a World Champion but a triple F1 World Champion at that. Premonition? Destiny? Who knows?

Before I wax poetic on Vettel further, here’s the backstory on the actual crafting project: I was cleaning my closet and found this bag tag that I must have removed from one of my old handbags on the floor. For some reason, the navy blue color reminded me of Red Bull and suddenly, I had this idea of making it into something Vettel-related instead of throwing it into the trash bin.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there’s your proof that I think about F1 way too much.

Project Materials:

-Old leatherette bag tag

-Metal ruler

-Circular template

-Plain white board paper

-Plain black thin foam board

-Red fine-tip Sharpie/marker

-Black fine-tip Sharpie/marker

-Silver fine-tip pen

-Silver sticker paper (shiny)

-Silver sticker paper (matte)

-White sticker paper

-Germany flag sticker

-Pre-cut gold sticky-backed letters

-Pre-cut star stickers


-Xacto knife/ cutter

-Cutting mat


  • Take the circular template and place it on top of the bag tag to find the most appropriate size of the “helmet”.
  • The dimensions of the original bag tag
  • Take the plain white board paper and trace the circle on it. Carefully cut it out.
  •  Cut out a small piece of the matte silver sticker paper, just enough to cover the circular helmet. Peel off the backing and stick it on to the board paper. Cut out the excess.
  •  Measure a thin strip of the shiny silver sticker paper, which will serve as the “visor”. Carefully stick it on top of the matte silver helmet.
  • Take the white sticker paper and carefully cut out bits and pieces to complete the helmet outline. Add more of the design details by using the red, black and silver pens to draw them*. (N.B.: *I used the design of the race helmet Vettel first used in the 2012 Abu Dhabi GP, as I believe this was also the helmet he used in the 2012 Brazilian GP, when he won his 3rd straight WDC.)
  •  Take the finished helmet and carefully position it on to the bag tag body. Attach it with a hot glue gun.
  •  Take the pre-cut stars sticker and carefully position 3 (to symbolize his 3 Championships, of course) just below the helmet. Use the hot glue gun to attach them.
  •  Turn the bag tag over and measure a small rectangle on the black foam paper (this is to cover the logo of the bag). Cut it out and stick it in place using the hot glue gun.
  • Take the pre-cut gold letters “S & V” and carefully position them on top of the black foam paper strip. Stick them in place using the hot glue gun.
  •  Take the Germany flag sticker and position it on top of Vettel’s initials. Stick in place using the hot glue gun.

And there you have it, your very own Sebastian Vettel-inspired keychain!

The front view of the Vettel-inspired keychain.

The back view of the Vettel-inspired keychain.

Will the baby-faced German win his 4th straight Championship this season? We shall see, but for now, he can enjoy his status as the reigning Hattrick Hero.