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The off-season can be long and arduous for us hardcore racing fans. So what better way to take some of the edge off than to do some racecraft (see what I did there)?

Project Materials:

-DIY Acrylic Mobile Phone Charm kit (may be purchased in crafting shops/ bookshops)

-Plain white board paper

-Red fine-tip Sharpie/marker

-Black fine-tip Sharpie/marker

-Gold fine-tip pen

-Silver sticker paper (or silver paint pen)

-White sticker paper

-Gold sticker paper

-Finland flag sticker

-Black and gold wristband/bracelet



-Xacto knife/ cutter

-Cutting mat

-Nose pliers

-Jump hook


  • From the DIY kit, take the loose circular part of the frame and trace it on to the white board paper. Cut the shape out.

  • Take the silver sticker paper and cut out a small strip which will serve as the helmet visor. Peel the backing and carefully stick it on to the paper. Then cut a smaller strip from a white sticker paper and stick it on top of the silver strip.
  • Proceed to draw in the details of the helmet design using the red, black and gold fine-tip markers.
  • Take the gold sticker paper and cut out a piece slightly bigger than the helmet. Peel the backing and carefully stick the helmet on to it. Carefully cut out the excess.
  • Take the Finland flag sticker and stick it on top of the gold paper.
  •  Take the DIY kit “frame” and test if the helmet fits inside. If it’s a little bigger, carefully reduce the circumference with scissors until it fits snugly inside the frame.
  • Once you’re happy with the positioning of the helmet inside the frame, take the loose circular acrylic part and press down firmly to close the frame.
  • At this point, you’ll have finished your own Kimi-inspired mobile phone charm.

  • If you want to make it into a charm/bracelet, take the nose pliers and carefully pry apart the first metal ring to remove the part that holds the black string.
  • Take the jump hook and slide it into the open metal ring. Close the opening with the nose pliers.
  • Take the wristband and hook the finished charm on to the loop of the band. You can also take a small hole-puncher and make a hole in the band itself, and then attach the charm. If you have an existing charm bracelet, then you can just attach the jump hook and add this charm to your existing “collection”.

Here’s a look at the finished Kimi charm bracelet.

You may also use this Kimi charm as a necklace pendant, keyfob, or bag charm.  Only your imagination’s the limit, really!