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There’s a saying that goes, “Only boring people get bored”, and so when I found a small Finland flag inside my ginormous black hole of a crafting box, I thought of embellishing it with some Kimi Raikkonen-inspired design.

Project Materials:
-Small Finland flag
-White board paper
-Red & black Sharpies
-Gold pen
-Silver sticker paper
-White sticker
-Gold sticker letters
-Racing-inspired stickers
-Glue/hot glue gun
-Circular template

1. Using the circular template as a guide, cut out a piece of the white board paper. Take the white, silver and gold stickers and stick them on to the helmet as the “visor”. Proceed to draw in the design details using the red, black and gold pens.

2. Position the helmet on to the flag and carefully stick it on using the glue or hot glue gun.

3. Take the gold foam letters and stick each on to the flag until they spell out “Iceman”.

4. Add any racing-related stickers you have.

Below is the finished product of a Kimi/F1-related crafting project you can accomplish faster than a Qualifying Session on a race weekend!*


*N.B. Competition closed. Check back regularly for upcoming giveaways!