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I love the Holiday Season. From hunting down the perfect gifts for each and every  person on my list, to conceptualizing the design of my gift-wrapping schemes, to the actual execution of the gift-wrapping, I absolutely relish every moment of it.

So I thought I’d share some of my recent favourite gift-wrapping schemes I’ve designed,as well as some tips on how to wrap your presents more creatively. Enjoy!

For small and medium-sized items, I use this ready-made hexagonal and cubic boxes that I found in my local bookshop. They come in several colours and sizes and when they were put in the bargain bin, I shamelessly hoarded around 20 packs of them. I’ve been using them for around 3 years now and I still haven’t run out!

I also use small coloured envelopes and then just embellish with ready-made foam stickers, crystals or ribbons.

A couple of years ago, I had a thing for making fascinators, and bought a bunch of colorful feathers. Unfortunately, I didn’t get very far with my feeble attempts at millinery, but I did manage to use the leftover feathers to decorate my holiday presents.

I love using Japanese paper for wrapping, because they are so inexpensive and come in a myriad of colours. I tend to stock up on them whenever I go to the a craft shop, because you can use them as the present’s main wrapper or a stuffer.

When it comes to ribbons, my rule of thumb is not to buy them full-price. I usually shy away from buying designs that are too identifiable with a certain holiday, and prefer to stock up on timeless colours such as gold, silver, shades of red, green and blue, or neutral colours. If I find some with beautiful prints in the bargain bin though, I don’t hesitate to stock up on them, as they can be used for all occasions, too!

Holiday decorations also massively go down in price near the end of December, or during the January sales, so what I do is to stock up on some of the smaller ones and use them for embellishment for my Christmas gifts for the following year. You can never be too prepared when it comes to these things!

There you go. I hope some my designs have inspired you to amp up your present-wrapping skills. Happy Holidays!