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This Flying Finn is my second-favourite Formula One driver of all-time, and to celebrate the first year of his remarkable return to F1 racing, I’ve decided to make Kimi bookmarks as some sort of a tribute.

Project Materials:

–          Royal blue felt cloth

–          White board paper

–          Black board paper

–          Silver sticker paper (or silver paint pen)

–          Red paint pen

–          Fine-tip red pen

–          Fine-tip gold pen

–          Fine-tip silver pen

–          Fine-tip black Sharpie

–          White sticker paper

–          Gold, stick-on letters

–          Star stickers

–          Finland flag sticker

–          Number “1” sticker

–          Thin gold ribbon

–          Crystal crafting borders

–          Glue

–          Double-sided tape

–          Hot glue gun

–          Hole-puncher

–          Self-adhesive reinforcement rings

–          Pencil

–          Scissors

–          Xacto knife/ regular cutter

–          Ruler

–          Circular template

–          Cutting mat


  1. Take the blue felt cloth and measure a 2” x 6” rectangle, which will serve as the main bookmark body. Cut it out and set aside. (You can make this bigger or smaller, depending on your preference.)

2. Take the white board paper and draw the “body” of the Mini PaperKimi on it. Again, you can make him as big or as tiny as you want, I just eyeballed it based on the scale of the foam board. Cut it out.

3. Take the red paint pen and carefully color in the “hands” of Mini PaperKimi, to represent his racing gloves.

4. Take the black board paper. Place the body on top of it and draw an outline of the “racing suit” with a pencil. Cut it out carefully and then take the glue or double-sided tape and stick the racing suit on to the body.

5. Take the fine-tipped gold and silver pen and proceed to draw the details on the racing suit, such as the belt, shoulder creases, etc. Feel free to add as much details as you want, such as the shoelaces, etc.

6. Take the white board paper and the circular template and approximate the size of the helmet in relation to the body. Trace the circle and cut it out.

7. Add the details such as the visor (cut out a thin trip of silver sticker, then place a thinner strip of white sticker on top of it and fill in a small part of it with the gold pen), then draw in the helmet design using the fine-tip black and red markers.

8. Stick the finished helmet on to the body using glue or double-sided tape. Set aside “Mini Kimi” first.

9. Take the star sticker and carefully position it (representing his WDC, of course) along the bottom part of the main bookmark body. Gently push down to stick it on once you’re satisfied with their positions (you may need to use the hot glue gun for this).

10. You can then carefully position Mini PaperKimi on top of the star and stick him on, but I chose to go the extra mile and add a strip of clear-and-blue crystal crafting border and a mini-podium in between Mini PaperKimi and the star.

11. Turn the bookmark over. Take the gold, stick-on precut letters and position the letters K, I, M and I vertically. Push firmly once you’re satisfied with their positions. (You can write his initials manually or use a letter stencil with a gold paint marker if you don’t have pre-cut stick-on letters at hand.)

12. Take the small Finland flag sticker and stick it below the gold letters (You can also draw this flag manually by using the white sticker paper and blue felt-tip marker).

13. Punch a hole in the middle of the bookmark’s upper part, stick the reinforcement ring stickers on both sides and thread the gold ribbon through.

There you have it, a small but heartfelt tribute to a man who only really cares about racing and winning. And we (at least I) love him for that.

Thank you Kimi, for making your way back to F1 and making us millions of fans happy again! Here’s to another year of pure bouncebackability!