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Many moons ago, this German racer named Michael Schumacher captured my attention and turned me into a full-fledged Formula One fan. His first retirement from the sport in 2006 broke my heart, but his 2010 return and subsequent 3-year stint with Mercedes GP has been quite a dream come true not just for me, but for many of his fans as well.

However, as the old cliché goes, all good things must come to an end.

There’s only 3 races left to go before his permanent retirement from racing, and while my heart is still in denial, the proactive crafter in me wanted to do somethinganything, to somehow mark the impending closure of his illustrious career.

And so the idea of a bookmark was born.

Project Materials:

–          Thin, black foam board

–          White board paper

–          Off-white board paper

–          Silver paint pen (or silver sticker paper)

–          Red paint pen

–          Orange paint pen

–          Fine-tip black Sharpie

–          White sticker paper

–          Gold, stick-on letters

–          Gold star stickers

–          German flag sticker

–          Thin gold ribbon

–          Glue

–          Double-sided tape

–          Hole-puncher

–          Pencil

–          Scissors

–          Xacto knife/ regular cutter

–          Ruler

–          Circular template

–          Cutting mat


  1. Take the black foam board and measure a 2” x 6” rectangle, which will serve as the main bookmark. Cut it out and set aside. (You can make this bigger or smaller, depending on your preference.)
  1. Take the white board paper and draw the “body” of the Mini-Schumi on it. Again, you can make him as big or as tiny as you want, I just eyeballed it based on the scale of the foam board. Cut it out.
  1. Take the off-white board paper. Place the body on top of it and draw an outline of the “racing suit” outside of it with a pencil. Cut it out carefully and then take the glue or double-sided tape and stick the racing suit on to the body.
  1. Take the fine-tipped black marker ad proceed to draw the details on the racing suit, such as the belt, shoulder creases, etc. Feel free to add as much details as you want, such as the German flag on the belt, the shoelaces, etc.
  1. Take the white board paper and the circular template and approximate the size of the helmet in relation to the body. Trace the circle and cut it out. Fill in the whole “helmet” with the orange paint marker.
  1. Wait for the helmet to dry and then add the details such as the visor (cut out a thin trip of silver sticker and then place a thinner strip of white sticker on top of it), the fine black lines, etc.
  1. Stick the finished helmet on to the body using glue or double-sided tape. Set aside “Mini Schumi” first.

Rough dimensions of “Mini Schumi”

8. Take the gold stars and carefully position 7 of them (representing his number of WDCs, of course) along the bottom part of the main bookmark body. Gently push down to stick them on once you’re satisfied with their positions.

9. You can then carefully position Mini Schumi on top of the stars and stick him on, but I chose to go the extra mile and add a strip of checquered flag and a mini-podium in between Mini Schumi and the gold stars.

10.  Turn the bookmark over. Take the gold, stick-on pre-cut letters and position the initials M & S. Push firmly once you’re satisfied with their positions. (You can write his initials manually or use a letter stencil with a gold paint marker if you don’t have pre-cut stick-on letters at hand.)

11. Take the small German flag sticker and stick it below the MS initials.

12.  Punch a hole in the middle of the bookmark’s upper part, thread the gold ribbon through.

Views of the bookmark’s front and back.

Admire your finished handiwork and try not to feel the pain of your heartbreak too much.

There you have it, a simple but heartfelt tribute to a man whose genius on track may not be equaled nor surpassed in F1 for a long time.

Thank you, Schumi, for leaving a lasting a mark in the hearts and minds of millions of racing fans! You are, and will always be a Legend to me.