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Key chains, key charms, key fobs–whatever you choose to call them, they are a fun, and relatively inexpensive way to express your personality and diverse interests.

Last week’s Belgian GP marked the 300th GP of one of my favourite Formula 1 drivers of all time, Michael Schumacher, and to celebrate this milestone, I’ve decided to make a keyfob in his honor.

The Project Materials are as follows:

-Small, transparent photo frame with a keyring attached (this is also called a DIY keychain kit, may be found in crafting shops and some bookshops)

A closeup and approximate size of the kit I got:

-White board paper
-Dark gray board paper
-Silver paint marker
-Silver fine-tip pen
-Black fine-tip marker
-Orange paint marker
-Metal ruler
-Circular template
-Cutting mat/board
-Sharp scissors
-Cutter/exacto knife
-Double-sided tape or glue


1. Carefully measure the size of the photo frame interior, or just use the removable insert and trace it onto the dark gray board paper. Cut out the shape and set aside first.
*You can choose another color for the board paper, I just chose the dark gray one to evoke the Mercedes GP color scheme and the color of the race track.

2. Take the circular shape and approximate the size of the helmet that will fit
inside the frame. In this case, it’s more or less 1″. Trace the circle on to the
white board paper and carefully cut out.

3. Take the orange paint marker and completely paint the “helmet”. Allow a few minutes to completely dry and then use the silver and black markers to draw in the details, such as the visor and helmet designs.

4. Use double-sided tape or glue to stick the helmet on to the dark gray background.

5. Turn the paper over and add more details, in my case, I have flag stickers and alphabet stickers in my crafting stash so I put the German flag and his initials MS.

6. Place the finished “artwork” on to the photo frame, and firmly press the
removable plastic insert to secure it.

Here’s the finished product:

The front:

The back:

Congratulations Schumi and here’s to 300 more GP’s to come!