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Serendipity: One day, I randomly chanced upon a discussion in the only Kimi Raikkonen forum I frequent, and the short of the long story is, this idea of making a Lotus Kimi Mini-Flag was born.

I made a haphazard preliminary sketch of how I wanted it to look like and it was something like this:

On to the “execution”!

The Project Materials are as follows:

-Miniature-sized flag of Finland (roughly around 6″x8″)
-Small piece of white board paper
-Small piece of black board paper
-Small cut-out of a little boy (used for scrapbooking, found in crafting supplies, to use as guide for the body)
-Red paint marker
-Red fine-tip pen
-Silver paint marker
-Silver fine-tip pen
-Black fine felt-tip marker
-Small piece of gold sticker
-Felt alphabet stickers
-Circular template
-Cutting mat
-Clear tape
-Glue/ hot glue gun


1. Take the cut-out “little boy”, place the black board paper on top and draw the outline of what would be the race suit. Make sure that the suit is slightly bigger than the body. Carefully cut out the race suit.
*(If you can’t find a ready-made “little boy” template, you can just make your own by sketching a rough guide onto a piece of board paper and then cut it out.)

2. Take a circular template guide and choose the best size for the helmet, relative to the size of the body template. Take the white board paper, trace the circle on to it and carefully cut it out.
*(If you don’t have a circular template, you can just eyeball the size of the helmet, it’s perfectly okay for it not to be “perfect”.)

3. Put the little details on to the black race suit by cutting very small strips of the gold sticker and sticking them on to the race suit. If you don’t have any gold sticker, you can use a fine-tip gold marker to draw the lines.

4. Do the same with the helmet by drawing the details with the silver, black and red pens.

5. Carefully paint the hands of the body template with the red paint marker to mimic the racing gloves. Let dry and then stick the finished racing suit and helmet, in that order so the helmet will cover the top part of the racing suit, to the body with a hot glue gun or thin double-sided tape.

Here’s a closeup of the Mini Lotus Kimi:

6. Take the Finnish flag, stretch it across the cutting mat (or any clean, flat surface) and secure the four corners temporarily with clear scotch tape. Position the Mini Lotus Kimi on to the lower right-hand corner of the flag. Stick it on to the flag using the hot glue gun. Press firmly to secure.

7. Take the felt sticker alphabets and carefully stick them on to the flag. Since the Kimi figure was positioned in the rightmost side of the flag, I stuck the letters/characters in reverse order, starting with the “!”.

8. Now you can leave it as is, or you can embellish it further if you have any racing-related stickers available, just as I have with the checquered flags and the gold trophy.

Here’s the finished product:

5Finished Product

I’m quite glad that it came out quite close to my “vision” in the slapdash sketch. I didn’t get to keep this, though. It’s now on its way to one lucky Kimi fan who I hope will give it a good home!

Cover Pic