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As a “Constant Crafter”, I have the tendency to purchase random crafting materials even if at that moment in time, I have no use or plan of action for them. I have several felt fabrics, along with countless stickers/decals in my stash, and so I’ve decided to make personalized felt bookmarks to give away as part of my Christmas gifts to my wonderful childhood friends the past year.

Felt fabric of different colors
Sharp scisscors
Ribbons of different colors
Glue/ hot glue gun
Punch hole protectors
Various decals/stickers

-First, decide on what size you want your bookmarks to be. I made a rectangular pattern on a scrap cardboard measuring 3 inches by 4 inches, which served as a template for the bookmark size.

-Take a piece of felt fabric, turn it over and trace the rectangular template on
to it using a pencil, that way you’ll have a boundary.

-Manually draw the letter on to the felt fabric. If you’re not confident with your drawing abilities, you can always use lettering guides for tracing or print out letters from your PC and use them as templates.

-Carefully cut out the letter. Repeat the steps if necessary.

-Punch a hole near the topmost part of the letter, make sure it’s not too close to the edge. I used sticky-backed paper punch-hole protectors to cover some fabric fraying in the holes and to make them look neater, but if you don’t have any, just make sure to use a really sharp hole-puncher.

-The topmost image shows the basic bookmark turnouts. You can either just loop thin ribbons through the holes and keep them simple, or, like me, kick it up a notch and personalize it with various crafting stickers/decals–after all, no two friends are alike in personality and character!

Happy crafting!