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The real-life Michael Schumacher peg.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the post on my customized Lego Kimi Raikkonen has been one of the most viewed entries on my blog, so as a follow-up, I’ve decided to do another “Lego” F1 project, this time on another favorite racer of mine, Michael Schumacher.

I had no more spare original Lego figures left, so this time around I went back to a popular discount shop at the mall where they sell odds and ends for really cheap prices, and that’s where I got imitation Lego sets of small racing/tractor cars which supplied my basic figure for the project:

I used silver and orange paint markers, black fine-tipped marker, and then printed some company/sponsor stickers for the racing suit and helmet. The finished product looks something like this:





The real Michael Schumacher might not be used to being described as such, but I have to say, that’s one real cute iteration of Schumi, don’t you think?



Is Schumi about to do one of his famous podium-jumps?

If I introduce Lego Schumi to Lego Kimi, do you think they’d place nice with each other?