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This crafting project was actually sparked not just by my long-standing love affair with football, but also by a random “Eureka moment”: Late this year, as I was cleaning out my stuff, I found a bunch of small football figures that I’ve amassed (or hoarded, whichever way you choose to see it) after the World Cup 2010, and as I was inspecting the figures, one variant caught my eye and made me think, “Hey, this guy actually reminds me of (Real Madrid CF and Spain NT player) Sergio Ramos…” That turned on the proverbial lightbulb and got me thinking that with a few bits and pieces of alterations, I can actually “customize” the football figures I have and make them into mini-fied versions of real footballers. Quite a challenge, but I certainly don’t back down from one!

After browsing through pictures online, I chose the 2010-2011 Real Madrid CF kit as a peg:

The real-life Sergio Ramos Real Madrid 2010 project peg.

The Front and Rear Original condition of the football figure.

For the materials, I used the following:
-White permanent paint pen
-Black permanent paint pen
-Blue permanent paint pen
-Thin wire (for the headband)
The sponsor, club, surname and number stickers were made in my PC and printed off using white sticker paper.

The Front and Rear "After" views of the figure with dimensions.

With much patience and hard work, here’s what I’ve managed to produce:

I even shaped a thin wire into a “headband”, which is something of a Ramos trademark, after all, you can never be too detailed:

Admittedly, there’s still plenty of room for improvement, but I’ve to say that I thoroughly enjoyed making this one and I will continue to make several more mini-football personalities in the future, so stay tuned for the continuation of The Football Project!