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This is my 3rd time to attend the F1 Singaporean GP, and I got inspired to make my own racing-related headgear instead of wearing the usual driver/team caps on the circuit. I scoured my sizeable collection of “stuff” and came up with an uncomplicated but cheeky take on the fascinator:

  • Take an old, wide headband, some tires from cheap toy car sets, and a hot glue gun…
  • Plot out the tire positions in the headband first, to ensure that you have enough to cover a sizeable length of the band. You can either choose to use folded strips of scotch tape or just eyeball it, like I did.
  • Stick the tires one by one on the band with the help of a hot glue gun (you can also use super glue), and voila, here’s the finished product:

Here’s proof that I really did wear this for Raceday:

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