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It’s sunglasses…no, wait, they’re specs!

For specs-wearers such as myself who are either too lazy to constantly wear contact lenses or those who just cannot be arsed to bring both clear lens specs and sunglasses–is this product the perfect solution?

4 Occhi designed the Aspesi 1910–“A pair of glasses with four lenses that could be customized according to one’s desires. 4occhi can be both glasses and sun glasses, glasses for near-sighted and far-sighted people. All the possibilities your imagination suggests you are possible. 4occhi allows you to have two pairs of glasses always without the need to remember them or search for them!”

The design is equal parts silly and avant-garde, but the adventurous part in me is curious to try one with the near-sighted lenses and graded sunglasses combination. However, until they make one in red, I reckon I’ll stick with my ever-reliable tortoiseshell specs with Transition lenses for now.