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The real-life peg:

The Lego merchandise peg:

In case you don’t know, I’m a huge Scuderia Ferrari and Kimi Raikkonen supporter. Last year, I chanced upon a Lego Racers Ferrari edition set on a toy store, but it was too expensive for my liking so I had to pass from buying it. However, that cute little Lego Kimi got stuck inside my head, and so when I recently dug out a keepsake box containing some of my old small toys and found a Lego figure of a gas station attendant with a red cap, a Eureka moment happened: Why not make him into the Lego Kimi Raikkonen of my dreams?




The “Before” front, side, and rear shots.

With the help of a red and white paint pen, red and black fine-tipped permanent marker, some self-made sponsor stickers, and a whole lot of patience, I present my own custom-made Mini Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen:


The helmet I got from a cheap, Lego-imitation toy set from a discount store. The O.C. side of me is a bit miffed that the visor is in a garish shade of neon green, but this is about creativity and resourcefulness so I’ll let that one go. Overall, this project just goes to prove that you don’t have to spend big bucks to get something you really want!


With helmet on, but visor off, so we can see his cute little face...

With helmet on, but visor off, so we can see his cute little face…