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Image via dailymail.co.uk

This is going to be The World’s Narrowest House, to be crammed into an alley between an old tenement block and a tower block in Warsaw, Poland.

Image via dailymail.co.uk

The width? 60 inches. That’s just 5 feet. 5 inches less than my total height.

And yet, this flat will have a bedroom, lounge, bathroom and kitchen. The catch though is that it won’t be able to fit a staircase and will use a ladder for the interiors.

This got me into thinking if I can actually live in a flat so narrow I won’t even be able to fully stretch my arms horizontally. However, I realized that as an architect,  I would like to try living in this kind of space–given that I will live by myself, of course (the very thought of sharing this with someone else is another challenge altogether). At the very least, I will be forced to pare down to the very bare essentials and heck, you’d have the honor of being the resident of a world-famous house..

This reminded me of a statement relayed to me by a senior architect: “Being an architect is a huge responsibility, because you are effectively dictating how the users will live their lives inside and around that space.” Let’s face it, in the very near future, small spaces/flats will be the rage. It’s only a question of how far (or how narrow) architects and designers can push the human comfort levels.