This was a present for my employer. I used a box intended for wine to hold a hoodie sweater from her university and embellished it with gold and red ribbons as well as stars which came from a roll of tinsel meant to be swirled around a Christmas tree. I believe there’s something so timeless and classy about a Gold and Red color scheme for Christmas, and you don’t always have to give your boss wine during the holidays!


For my Childhood/High School Friends, I retained the Gold and Red general color scheme, but added green ribbons, glittery leaves (which also came from a roll of decor meant to be swirled around a Christmas tree) and flat red buttons for accent. I considered this as my interpretation of the Classic Christmas Color Scheme with a bit of a twist.


For their “Group Gifts”, I replaced the glittery green leaves and flat red buttons with ready-made ribbon-and-beads poinsettia flowers for accent.


For my University Friends, I experimented a bit with the color scheme and went with a light, almost Seafoam Green and Matte Gold scheme with a Black, Brown and Gold Antique-looking Paisley ribbon. I’ve been doing separate color schemes for my High School and University Friends for years, partly so I can constantly challenge my creativity, and partly so I will never confuse and mix-up their gifts!


My Mom loves dramatic gift-wrapping (I have her to thank for my love and flair for gift-wrapping), so while I can’t disappoint her with just a so-so present, I have to confess that I did cheat a bit with this one. I obviously used a ready-made paper bag and the intricate ribbon work and glittery accents actually came from a Christmas present for one of my family members from a posh department store a few years back! I have a habit of keeping (some will say hoarding, but tomayto, tomahto) used ribbons, papers and accent pieces from old presents, and this time around that came in handy, indeed!