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Shadow Box Set

This is my first attempt at doing shadow boxes, made during the Holiday Season of 2009. They are not the typical shadow boxes in such that they are deeper than usual (almost 2 1/2″ depth), and there’s no glass or acrylic panel in front, but rather, each box have their own lid so they can be concealed or closed if needed. I came up with this idea because at that time, I was very fascinated with small things, and kept buying them without really having a clear vision on what to do with them. Some of the items were too bulky to be put on a scrapbook page, and I wanted to do something unique to give to my friends for Christmas. One night, I chanced upon an episode of the Martha Stewart Show where she showcased some shadow boxes, and Eureka!I got the spark of inspiration I needed. Below are closeups of some of the shadow boxes I customized:







You don’t really need to buy an expensive wood or plastic box to make them, I just used sturdy cardboard boxes and lined them with colorful papers inside to make the items pop. The items themselves are a hodgepodge of things which I believe represent the unique characteristics, likes, and quirks of each of my beloved friends. Everyone loves having their individuality celebrated, so let your imagination run wild and have fun with it!